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Expertly Maintaining Cesspools in Farnham, Surrey

When you invest in effective cesspool maintenance, this prevents an overflow problem from developing. It also helps you to avoid costly repairs. KLG Services Ltd in Farnham, Surrey, keeps the sewage where it belongs by utilising state-of-the-art methods when maintaining or installing new containers.

Cesspool Being Installed

Cesspool Installation

Keep the running costs of your house down to a minimum with a cesspool installation from our reputable company. Our professionals also carry out all the relevant drainage work for your peace of mind as part of our quality waste management solutions. Cesspits are completely sealed tanks that collect effluent from your property. These need to be emptied frequently as they don't have any drainage facilities.

The Ideal Solution

Cesspools work perfectly for locations where a septic tank cannot be installed, for example, sites that are wet and have poor drainage. Modern applications have a capacity of 4000 gallons or 18,000 litres. Our tanks are expertly installed with an early-alert system, so you know exactly when they require maintenance.

Cesspool Clearance

Remove the need to deal with the cesspool yourself with our cost-effective clearance and maintenance services. We notify you of any damage or defects found in the tank during any clearance service. Our staff then provide you with expert advice on how to proceed.

Contact us in Farnham, Surrey, to find out more about preventative cesspool maintenance as well as cesspit installations.