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Septic Tanks

Professionally Installing Septic Tanks in Farnham, Surrey

Transform your home's sewage system with a septic tank from KLG Services Ltd. Look to our company in Farnham, Surrey, for efficient septic tank installations and clearance carried out by seasoned specialists in the trade.

High-Grade Tanks

Economise with a self-sufficient and effective septic tank. This popular sewage system collects all the waste water and separates the solid matter from the liquid effluent. Our products retain solid matter, which is partially broken down while the liquid is drained through a filter bed. This reduces the amount of waste it retains, resulting in the need for minimum clearance.

Hassle-Free Fittings

By installing modern septic tanks that reduce the risk of solids from reaching the soakaway, this keeps maintenance to a minimum. Our team provide quality septic tank installations that also feature porosity tests to establish the suitability of the ground for land drainage.

Septic Tank


Ensure that your tank lasts a long time with suitable services and advice from our highly regarded waste management company. Your tank requires a thorough cleaning carried out by a specialist vacuum tanker, as sludge builds up over time and needs to be removed. Our staff do this quickly and efficiently, as well as notifying you of any damage that the tank has received since its last clearance. We also provide effective drain clearance methods to put your mind at ease.

Useful Advice and Guidance

You'll need to use non-biological cleaning products as most household cleaners kill the bacterial activity in the tank. This then results in the need for clearance more regularly. Our professionals offer helpful advice and guidance and are happy to answer any questions you may have about septic tanks.

Contact us in Farnham, Surrey, for more details about septic tank installations and clearance.