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Waste Management

Wide-Ranging Waste Management Services Available in Farnham, Surrey

Count on KLG Services Ltd to deal with your septic tank at regular intervals as part of our effective waste management services. Based in Farnham, Surrey, we provide hassle-free waste clearance at times that suit you best.

Regular Service Scheme

Receive a waste management service that is carried out at prearranged times and as regularly as you prefer. When you choose to become a member of our regular service scheme, this ensures you are the main concern as well as giving you additional peace of mind.

Services that Cater to Your Specific Needs

Our staff visit your premises regularly, so they can become familiar with the special requirements of your sewage installation or septic tank. By familiarising themselves with your particular tank, this means that they can carry out any work required when you are absent. The frequency of clearances depends on many factors, such as:

• The Geographical Location
• The Surrounding Soil Characteristics
• The Number of People It Serves


Become a member of our regular service scheme by getting in touch with us. We'll need to know a few things, including:

• The Frequency of Clearances Required
• The Commencement Date
• The Type of Sewage System You Own
• The Quantity of Waste to Be Removed
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Contact us in Farnham, Surrey, for more information about our waste management services and waste clearance.